• Cipta Sarana Indoprima choose machine design and industrial equipment design including handling, processing as well as tools to support productivity improvement.
  • Cipta Sarana Indoprima endorse with competence engineer in their area. We have expectation, our customer will satisfy and our market is more and more growing.

Our Business includes as follow

  1. Design Engineering : Making Tools, Conveyor, Automation, Impeller Repair, Install Compressor Pipes, Water Pipes, Ducting, Rewending, Box Panel, Automatic Pneumatic & Hydrolic, Etc.
  2. Fabrication : Trolly, Tubes, Rack, Pallet, Jig Combination, Pipe Installation Compressors, Water Pipes, Stainless Steel Welding, Etc.
  3. Machining : Results CNC Lathe, CNC Milling, Grinding, Manual Lathe, Milling Manual. Etc.

Cipta Sarana Indoprima

(Design Engineering, Fabrication & Machining)

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